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We invest in ideas and people, innovations and innovators. We invest in the future, so that ideas can become reality.

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We bring moonshot ideas down to earth.

We Invest in Ideas

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In 2009, coming out of the great recession the tech industry needed a boost of energy and commitment, to jettison out of the shadows of the narrowly escaped abyss, into a new age of disruption and innovation. That’s when the Kicklabs accelerator was launched, in a vast space in the center of San Francisco, with the hopes of bringing the chasm between innovation and Fortune 100 corporations. Kicklabs was the first accelerator in San Francisco and quickly gained national acclaim as one of the top programs in the United States. Many corporations were touched by Kicklabs, and many companies in Silicon Valley benefitted, as the accelerator boom flourished. While the number of accelerators in San Francisco and across the country grew, it was clear that the value provided was not within a physical space, but with our expertise, connections, and experience. Today, our original premise is alive and well in Kick Ventures.

Kick Ventures is looking for bold people with bold ideas. No fear, only a desire to beat the odds and create something special. Whether it’s a new supersonic jet, a driverless truck, intelligent luggage, or a device to improve your physical performance, Kick Ventures wants founders who are changing the world in their own individual way.

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